Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Please love someone that call "BEST FRIEND" cuz.. they're very important.=)

Everyone have their own "BEST FRIEND" right?? or some people are like to use "BUDDIES" ? hahahha.. what ever it is... we must love our best friend because they're very mean to us... i knew it because i've my own best friend.. =) i love my best friend...
            to find someone that always save us is difficult right??
                  to find someone that understand us must be take a long time right?
           to find someones that love us is hard right???
                  to find someone  that make us sad is easy right??
           to find someone that would do anything for us is REALLY difficult right??
                  to find someone that always with us just like our legs is hard right??
          to found someone that would cry for us is difficult and impossible to be found right??
                  it's hard to found someone that can make us laugh right??
  A JOB OF SOMEONE THAT CALL THEIR SELF "BEST FRIEND" is.. make all easy and awesome...

 it's hurt to see our own best friend crying right? and it's hurt to see them hurt.. if you didn't understand this.. i think you didn't have  someone that call "BEST FRIEND"

 *NOTES FROM ME : Please respect your best friend before you lost them...Make your self easy to say "sorry" with everything you did if it's wrong.. =) *keep your smile to make our planet SMILE :)

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