Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tired of crying.. just bcoz of you!!

wht is my fault?? i'm not doing that thing... i'm not gonna keep crying..bcoz i know no one gonna care about me... in this suck  when i see you hurt.. i was there to help you but wht about me??? you;re not with me when i need you.. right?? i have to admit it.. i love you.... but// i don;t think you're./.. keep betray on me... i know i have a very sad day.. not "a" but it's evryday!!!  you're suck... i have to keep my self...happy... coz i don't ant someone asking me "are you okay?? you look like you just crying.." i don't want that to be happen... it's hurt to be pretending like that evryday!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Best friend (kawan Baik Saya)

 this is my best friend... die baik sgt.. saye syg sgt dkt die.. yg pasti x kn biarkan die sakit hati..and..die cantik sgt.. name die HAMIDAH... name penuhnye HAMIDAH BT IMADUDDIN ..die baik sgt... die comel.. jujur.. x pernah jahat ngn saye,.. saya selalu ingt tarikh lahir die sbb seng sgt nk ingt.. 31/ December .. Best sgt and bersyukur sgt sbb ade kwn mcm die..die tgas taw..x lha sgt..sbb tegas2 die ouwnn baik hati sgt...Die cantik sgt..sgt sgt.. lebih dri Rebecca Black!!! *honestly + mmg die cantik* yg pasti saya sgt syng akan die.. betul ke ayt uh??? ha..........die nie pandai taw... ha.. meh..lawan ngn die.. i mean lwn blaja.. pandai kowt.. pandai nyanyi... and mcm2... kenangan yg pling sye syg ialah sye dpt nyanyi ngn die ataz pentaz sempena ngn miggu bahasa... =) lgu "THIS IS ME".. sgt.. suarew die sdp.. =) and..sye harap die ngn si die sentisew bersama and bahagia .. =) syg MIDAH!!

NOTES FROM ME: Jike sya adew buat kmu terasa atw skit hati tlg maafkan kitew yew?? tlg sgt..sbb kitew syg sgt ngn kmu.. =)

Kenapew semua benda nk jtuh dekat saya??

Rasa mcm geram sgt...sbb semua benda yg teruk jatuh kat kitew... hmm..x der sape pown kesian... kitew boring lha kalu salu mcm nie.. yg kmu pegi dgr ckp semua uh nape??? lebih baik mati je.. seng kan?? x yah susah2.. pastu bru semua org puas hati..kamu x thu ke? yg kte x nk kehilangan kamu?? kamu tu spacial sgt bagi kitew.. kitew sgt syng kmu.. kmu dah termasuk dalam list org yg sye da syg taw??? tapi x kan kmu sggup buat kiew mcm uh?? x thu lha kitew nk percaya siapa sekalrg nie kan? huh? siapelha yg nk sembg ngn kitew pasal bnde nie.. kitew nk twu sgt sape yg faham.. tapi kan,, kmu x pernah nk cbe.. asyik kite je,, kite tkot sgt dgn perkataan "HILANG".. kamu pernh ke rasa takot dgn perkataan "HILANG"? huhmmm...kitew raselan..x kowt..sbb kmu buat x thu je...aduh.. mcm manew lha nk bagi korng faham... kitersew mcm da x der...ntah lha... x thu nk ckp pe... tpi please lha jgn buat kte mcm uh... kite rsew sedih sgt!! hehehe,,, *jarg2 sye mcm nie*
 Kite rindu kamu yg dulu..yg selalu ketawa ngn kitew dgn ikhlas..sentiasew pujuk kite.. bkn yg sekang.. kmu da mcm butew.. x thu lha bute ape.. kite da buat mcm2 untuk kmu tpi kmu  pernh thu yg kitew syg kmu mcm kte syg org uh... kmu penting sgt dlm hidup kitew... tpi.. kmu sgup buat bndew yg x betul kat kitew.. kitew rsew kmu da lain sgt.. sgt.. sgt... lebih lha..sgtnye..kitew syg sgt ngen kmu...kmu seleu tlg redakn ktew.. suruh kitew saba.. tapi... skarg,, mcm yg kitew da ckp.. kmu butew..sbb die kowt?? rsew mcm nk nangis tpi kalu ngnis pown..kitew x kn dpt kmu yg dulu... walaupun dah thu kenyataan nye.. kitew ttp nk kmu yg dulu.. =) aww... tlg lha sedar yg kitew syg kat kmu..

NOTES FROM ME: Idon't wanna lose you cuz of my own mistake,your mistake or our mistake.. i really love you...even that you're the one that,,, "SORRY"

hope you're///

hahhaha... suddently??? something ringing and...someone that call himself "boy" sending a text... hahaha.. "i miss u"... and i reply.. that!!! ahahaha.. but i really miss ya.. just like i've said// but you didn't understand.. =( hahahaha... idk wht kinda thing i wanna write... k bye..

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Please love someone that call "BEST FRIEND" cuz.. they're very important.=)

Everyone have their own "BEST FRIEND" right?? or some people are like to use "BUDDIES" ? hahahha.. what ever it is... we must love our best friend because they're very mean to us... i knew it because i've my own best friend.. =) i love my best friend...
            to find someone that always save us is difficult right??
                  to find someone that understand us must be take a long time right?
           to find someones that love us is hard right???
                  to find someone  that make us sad is easy right??
           to find someone that would do anything for us is REALLY difficult right??
                  to find someone that always with us just like our legs is hard right??
          to found someone that would cry for us is difficult and impossible to be found right??
                  it's hard to found someone that can make us laugh right??
  A JOB OF SOMEONE THAT CALL THEIR SELF "BEST FRIEND" is.. make all easy and awesome...

 it's hurt to see our own best friend crying right? and it's hurt to see them hurt.. if you didn't understand this.. i think you didn't have  someone that call "BEST FRIEND"

 *NOTES FROM ME : Please respect your best friend before you lost them...Make your self easy to say "sorry" with everything you did if it's wrong.. =) *keep your smile to make our planet SMILE :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Twitter Account

My lovely twitter... <3 play with it every night,evening,morning,dawn...and all of the time.s..when i'm not busy...=) with my and something like that..=) with the "LIPS" background.. =) love it... but i don't know better all of you love it or not.. btw... i love it... hehehe/// it's not funny but i still want to laugh.. =) btw... (muchas Gracias)!!!!!!!!!!!  Translating *thank you =)   (Spanish Version)

My Favourite Radio Announcer =)

They're my fav radio announcer/// both of them.. but.. i'm very adore the left one.. :) Ryan Matjeraie.. he's awesome... you know?? of course..cuz i think everybody knows... hehe/.// the specials fact.. he's actually born at Sarawak..just like me.. !! i'm soo glad.. same just like this guy --> Henry Golding..i think.. i adore both of them... crazy of them/// listening to "Hitz Live" with Ryan and Jin Boy!!!
  OMG...and they're very funny// =) they're my night boy!!! i mean... Hitz Live/// you're rock!!! aww... i really love both of them.. i mean it... =)